Dear Great Friends of TYN Lounge,

It is with a tremendously heavy heart that we have had to make the extremely difficult decision to close TYN Lounge permanently.

Although business at TYN Lounge is the best it’s ever been, it has very recently come to the point where it is no longer sustainable to continue operations. This has definitely been one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make, but it is without a doubt, the right one.

I want to thank each and every one of you who have come through our doors, supporting us through this very worthwhile journey. You have been instrumental in helping to elevate the beauty and profile of local foods and other local businesses here in our community. Your patronage, energy, and passion for local will be sorely missed.

With that said please support our sister company GOHAN SUSHI LOUNGE. Located at 815 8 Avenue SW, GOHAN Sushi Lounge is modern day sushi lounge specializing in western fusion Japanese cuisine. GO EXEPERIENCE & ENJOY.

With Deepest Gratitude & Sincere Appreciation,

The Staff of TYN Lounge

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